Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something New Saturday: Chicken Pitas

I am a huge fan of food on the go.  Even if I'm not eating on the go, I like a food that uses limited dishes, and I can walk around while eating it. 

The other day while wandering around Yokes, I saw a bag of pita bread.  While I've never actually made anything at home using a pita, I thought to myself, "That pita could be packing some serious deliciousness.  And I could eat it without dishes."  This may sound like a sort of random thought, but I like the idea of being able to not be confined to the limiting constraints of things, like plates and forks.  I want to be free while I eat.  So the idea to make chicken pitas was birthed.

To make these delicious pockets, I basically just cooked some chicken up, threw some seasoning in it.  Then I packed chicken, and other items into the pocket to create a mixture of awesomeness.

My kids, being plain janes, simply had chicken and cheese in their pitas.... boring.

I went a little crazy and mixed black beans, corn, chicken, lettuce, and some cheese.  I even added tapatio and sour cream.  Talk about wild, huh?

Here's the gist of how we made them:

Chicken Pitas

Assorted Toppings, depending on your tastes (I had cheese, lettuce, corn, black beans, sour cream, and tapatio)
Fajita seasoning

Dice and cook chicken until there is no pink (cooked all the way through).  Then season with fajita seasoning.

Once the chicken is all prepared, heat the pita bread until it is soft and pliable. 

Then stuff to your hearts content with whatever toppings you desire.

Easy Peasy.

What type of toppings do you like to stuff in your pita?

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