Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bathroom Breaks and Creatures of the Night

Before signing up to be a parent, I knew that there were going to be some interesting stories and situations that should arise due to having children.  Growing up I tortured my siblings at times and them me.  My parents have an endless array of stories of when I was young and mercilessly taunted and teased them and just in general did things that made no sense to the adult mind.

Listening to my parents tell stories of my siblings and I from when we were younger, it makes me think of the great stories I will have to tell when my kids are adults.  To share with possible future spouses, or just to bring up good memories around the dinner table with them.

This is one of those stories...

My son, since day one, has always been a character.  He is so sweet and sensitive, but sometimes just does the most random things, particularly during the middle of the night.  Since he was little, he has had night terrors and frequent bad dreams.  He actually still frequently sleeps in my bed when he is scared.

The other day was no exception to this.  It was probably about midnight when Ashton woke me up because he said he had to go to the bathroom.  While normally he doesn't wake me up for something as minor as a midnight bathroom break, he indicated he was scared and requested that I accompany him to the door of the bathroom (for those who don't know me personally, the bathroom is literally across the hallway from the bedroom).  So I got up, walked him the 4 or 5 footsteps to the bathroom, and opened the door for him.  I then asked if he needed me to wait for him and he said no, he was good do go.  So I returned to bed and went back to sleep.

The next sound I hear is one of tortured desperation pleading for me to return to the bathroom.  The fear was thick in his voice as he tearfully begged for me to return to my post in the hallway.  Since I had already made myself comfortable in bed, I hollered across the hallway asking what he needed.  He said that there was a spider the size of his big toe and he couldn't make it back to bed.  I told him to jump over it to the bedroom.  Much to my dismay, his insistence that I help him only increased.  So I got up and walked over to the bathroom and looked up to see one of the funniest sights I have seen in awhile.

My eight year old son, who had chosen to wear footie pajamas to bed that night, was standing on top of the toilet, hunching his body in on itself as though he was terrified for his life.  It reminded me of those ladies you see on television standing on a chair, just scared as can be, because of a mouse running around on the ground.  His legs were squeezed together with his arms holding himself. 

I immediately looked on the floor of the bathroom to see this mega spider that threatened my sons well-being.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find it.  My son points down at my foot and there it is.... The spider of all spiders.  Glaring up at me with it's eight ugly eyes. 

The spider was located in the hallway.  At least three full footsteps from the toilet where my son quivered in fear of a nickel (possibly even dime sized) creature.  I quickly grabbed a shoe from the hallways closet and swiftly dealt justice to the beast that would threaten my son's toes (toes that were covered with pj footies).

Ashton insisted I carried him back to bed in case there were more soldiers awaiting him in the hallway.  So I picked up my 65 lb. son, red faced and teary eyed, and put him back into my bed.

He slept with one eye open the rest of the night.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time to Begin Again

Normally, I wouldn't condone airing personal business on a blog where people you might actually know may actually read it and then have knowledge of all of your personal "dirty laundry."  And I'm not exactly going to air all of mine out as you may have assumed by reading the first line of this post.  So what exactly am I even talking about?  I am talking about new beginnings and change.

The fall is about to start (I know it is still technically three weeks-ish away but that is relatively close) and autumn always feels like the beginning of a new period to me.  The beginning of school, the beginning of the fiscal year (for those who start it in October), the beginning of a series of holidays that revolve around food (hello Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving Turkey, and Christmas Cookies) and this year, for me, the beginning of a new life.  What exactly does that mean?

I am no longer married.

This statement in and of itself sounds foreign coming from my lips.  Over this past summer, my ex-spouse and I went through a divorce.  I'm not going to air the details, as that's what I mean about not airing my dirty laundry; simply rest assured that my ex and I are working diligently to be successful co-parents to our children and that included in that is getting along amicably and handling the situation as adults.  Now is the time for me to remember who I am and remind myself of how amazing a person I am, with or without someone else standing by my side.

As part of my new beginning, I may start blogging again.  I say may, because I am going to do what feels right to me in the moment and what I have time for.  So if I have to choose between reading one more book to one of my kids before bedtime, or typing out a blog post, there really no competition on which one will happen... (for those who weren't sure though, of course the book with my child).  But if I have a few spare minutes or if the mood strikes me, then I would like to think that even if no one reads the post, what I have to say and think are important enough to record in a written form.  Even if it is sporadic and may have no entertainment value at all.

Blogging of course is not the only new beginning I plan on undertaking this autumn, I do have a few other things that I am attempting to undertake:

-This autumn I am working on remodeling the master bedroom of my home.  A popcorn ceiling is being removed, walls are being painted, and carpet is being ripped out replaced with laminate flooring.  This project has already been going on for a couple of months, but I am not mechanically inclined and am doing the project by myself (with the exception of minor help and advice from my dad).  I am looking forward to how amazing this room will look when it is completed, even if it may take forever to actually get done.

-I've joined the gym again.  The last time I actually was a member of the gym was about three years ago.  While I am not a huge fan of getting sweaty and lifting weights, I know that for me to be the best me I can be for my kids, I need to take care of my own health.  While I'm not looking to lose weight and become a professional body builder... I do want to be able to keep up with my kids as well as be able to actually manage the minor tasks around my house that require a little bit of heavy lifting.  I figure what better way to stay health than to make it a goal to physically stay active a few times a week at least.  Especially since I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle due to my job.

-I plan on reading more books and trying more recipes.  This seems a little like a silly goal, but reading and cooking are two things that I really enjoy that I haven't made time for lately.  Keeping them in the front of my to do in my spare time hasn't happened and it something that should. 

I'm sure there are other things that are beginning again this fall for me and my family, but this is just a starting list.

I love autumn.  The changing of leaves, the crisp autumn air, the beginning of so many new and wonderful things.  The autumn is really just a transitioning period for the weather and so many other things; and for me this year:

It's a time to begin again.