Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Mary Poppins

Last weekend, my two youngest children (Sydney and Ashton) insisted that we rent Mary Poppins.  So Friday evening, we settled down to watch it.  When I mean settle down, I mean Sydney was running up and down the hallways, Ashton was wandering aimlessly from room to room, all the while the movie was on the television with no one in front of it.  Needless to say, I was surprised at the things I heard when I walked in my house this evening:

Sydney, at the top of her lungs, was doing a mirror-breaking rendition of this:

Jaycob (my oldest) then recounted the following conversation he had with Ashton while playing with their army men:

Jaycob:  Hey, your guys can't fly.  They're not even on the buildings.

Ashton:  Yes he can.  (In his pretend army man voice) "I'm Mary Poppins"

Ashton then had the army man float from one building to another as though he was carrying an umbrella and carpet bag.

This just disproves my theory that they really weren't paying attention to the movie.  As well as enforces the idea that with a carpet bag and an umbrella, pretty much anyone can fly.

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  1. Don't have a carpet bag or an umbrella but I fly high LOL most of the time. My brain is somewhere in the clouds. Scary thought Love ya MOM