Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 07/30 - 08/05

Happy Monday!  I know it has been almost two weeks since I've done a menu plan, but last week sorta just flew by without getting a moment to really buckle down and get it done. 

Last Tuesday was our our six year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated Monday by going out to dinner without the kids.  This is always at treat, since we almost never go out without the kids in tow.  My husband even surprised me with roses.  It was so sweet.

Tuesday, a friend and I worked on making some blueberry jam.  It turned out lip smacking good.  You can check that out here.  Wednesday, my little boy had to go and get a few cavities filled at the doctor's office.  Ick.  That is never fun, but he took it like a champ.  He even fell asleep while they were filling them. 

The rest of the week really flew by with just the regular housework and what not that seems to be never ending.  Unfortunately, since there was no menu plan last week, dinner was such a chore.  With no meal planned, I actually had to figure out what to make once I got home from work.  Unfortunately for my family, this meant a lot of super easy boxy type meals.  We ended up having macaroni and cheese, grilled hot dogs, and other easy peasy type items.  Needless to say, they were not amused.

This week, I'm hoping to pacify them by actually having some good, planned out meals.  So here we go:

Homemade Corndogs 
Homemade Fries


Pork Chops
Mashed Potatoes

Italian Crock pot Chicken

Hamburger Pie

Garlic Bread

Chicken Cordon Bleu

I'm also hoping to squeeze in maybe some cookies, or some type of dessert type item this week.  I'm thinking that either cookies or cupcakes have sounded pretty darn good lately.  So what's your family having for dinner?  Need some more ideas?   You can find more great menu planning ideas at I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

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  1. Just stopping by from Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!
    What gorgeous flowers. It's a treat when the hubby gives me flowers. Happy Anniversary!
    I absolutely love blueberries. I bought a basket last week. I've been making muffins, waffles and today, a oven pancake.
    It looks like it's going to be in the low 100's but humid in Las Vegas today.
    Your menu plan looks delicious!
    I hope you have a terrific week