Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicken, Chicken Everywhere... But not a bite to eat?

Why did the chicken cross the road? 

     ***To get to the other side***

Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?

   ***He heard the referee calling fowls***

Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, and cross the road again?

    ***Because he was a dirty double-crosser***

I know, I know, enough of the chicken jokes.  They really aren't that funny (Well, I chuckled a little when I was looking for them), but I couldn't help myself. ☺

I have chicken on the mind.  Yesterday, I picked up my order with Zaycon Foods.  I had ordered one forty (40) pound case of chicken, and today I decided I better get it packaged up.  Have you ever seen what forty pounds of chicken looks like?

That's a whole lot of chicken.

For those of you who have never heard of Zaycon Foods, they are a company that an individual can buy different products (such as chicken, bacon, beef) in bulk at a lower price than you can buy at the grocery store.  They have great quality.  The only downside to the whole service is they only come to the different locations that they deliver to during their so called "events".  So you have to get it while it's hot pretty much.  You can check them out here.

It took me a full hour and a half to package up all of the chicken, so I had plenty of time to picture all of the delicious poultry infested meals I will eventually make.  Chiken enchiladas, BBQ chicken, Chicken tacos, Orange Chicken, Chicken Wraps, Homemade Chicken Nuggets... the list goes on and on.

My family loves chicken, so it makes sense to buy so much of it.  Especially with my growing boys; although my daughter isn't far behind them in the appetite department most days.  Sometimes finding new ideas on what to make with the chicken can be a stretch.  Thank goodness for pinterest and foodgawker! 

So what is your families favorite chicken meals? 

If you have a great recipie, I'd love to hear it!


  1. We love these two recipes...




    Enjoy! That's a lot of chicken!

    1. Both those recipies look delicious! We'll have to try them out and see if they're ones I can get my picky little ones to eat!