Sunday, July 8, 2012

People of Walmart

Have you ever seen the website  The one where there are literally dozens of photos of people, captured at Walmart, that are almost unbelievable?  If not, here are a few from their site... just to give you a taste.

In all my time, I had never seen anyone dressed similarly in the Walmart near our home, and thought maybe some of those photos were not authentic.

I will never doubt the authenticity of these photos again after today though.  This morning, my children and I had to pick up a few things for this next week and so we went to the local Walmart.  Low and behold, I barely walked in the front door of the store when I am greeted by this fine sight:

An older man (I'd say probably mid 50's) wearing a tank top, a green striped zebra speedo, and tennis shoes.  Seriously? 

I believe my sons words were "Why is that man only wearing no pants?" 

Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that everyone has a right to wear pretty much what ever they want, within reason of course.  But really?  No pants?

My words for the man at Walmart: 

You are not an extra for the song "Sexy and I Know It."  Please, for the love of everything that is holy, put on some damn pants.  My children, me, and probably everyone else shopping at Walmart today would truly appreciate it.

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  1. I almost wore my green striped zebra Speedo that day. That would have been so embarrassing.