Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Constipation and Night Terrors

Every once in awhile, Ashton wakes up at night screaming or crying because of bad dreams.  He is inconsolable usual for several minutes and eventually calms down and falls asleep.  Last night it happened again.  We (my husband and me) have a difference of opinion on how they should be handled.

ME:  Ashton woke up crying again last night

HIM:  Did you tell him to knock it off and go to bed.  Just tell him to stop crying.

ME:  No, he was upset.  I sat with him and told him it was OK.  It's okay for him to cry.

HIM:  He's a boy.  He doesn't need to cry all the time.

ME:  Do you want him to grow up to be emotionally constipated?

HIM:  Emotionally constipated?

ME:  Yes, emotionally constipated.  His emotions will be backed up so much until his emotional colon is so full it explodes.  Then, there will be shit everywhere.

HIM:  (silence)

I think I won this one.


  1. Think you won that one too. Too many men are emotionally constipated LOL Love you guys MOM

  2. LOL! :) Emotional constipation= bad.

  3. All I'm going to say is that's awesome. Carry on.