Saturday, November 3, 2012

Your Own Feet

"I wanted to run away that day.  But you can't run away from your own feet." - Flint Lockwood

For those of you who do not recognize that quote, it is one from the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  I absolutely love that movie.  It is one that not only is entertaining, but it also offers some good lessons for life on being who you are, no matter what.

One of my favorite quotes comes from that movie is, "I wanted to run away that day. But you can't run away from your own feet."  I know it doesn't sound like a super meaningful quote, but it is.

The situation that led up to that quote, for those who haven't seen this movie, Flint Lockwood had sprayed his feet with his very clever invention, spray on shoes.  He had been showing them off in school for show and tell.  The kids then laughed at him because, as they pointed out, how was he supposed to get them off?  Flint them runs out in the rain and talks of running away.

The reason why this quote is one that stands out to me is because it reminds me of the responsibility that everyone faces from their own actions and how we all have the obligation to face the consequences.  Whether it is the consequences from spraying your own feet with spray on shoes, or the consequences stemming from some other decision.  We can't run away from our own decisions, because they are our own to own up to.

What are some of your favorite quotes?  Do they come from a movie such as mine?  Why are they meaningful to you?

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  1. As it happens, many of my favorite quotes come from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Even my daughter sometimes quotes it.

    In fact, other than Transformers (the original animated movie, not the new ones), which I used to be able to quote from begin to end, very few movies come close to matching the quotability of Cloudy.

    Of course, right at this moment, I can't think of a single quote....