Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Star is Born, the Musical Debut

I feel like my children are growing up too fast.  It was only four short years ago my daughter was just born.  My son was still in diapers.  I still had bottles in the cupboard and binkies in every room of the house.  Those days are long gone now.

My daughter is in preschool.  My son is in first grade.  While I miss the good ole' days of them being completely dependent on my for pretty much everything, ranging from me feeding their faces to wiping their tushes, I am so proud of the bright little people they are becoming.  They both have such amazing futures ahead of them.

This last Thursday, my son's first grade class put on a musical for the parents.  They've been studying nursery rhymes, so the music teacher put the nursery rhymes to music and added some dance motions to it. 

It was pretty spectacular.

Afterwards to celebrate Ashton's musical debut, we hit Dairy Queen.  They both celebrated Ashton's performace with a healthy dose of ice cream.

Watch out world, the Diaz kids are coming.

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