Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Tacos

I first was introduced to these delicious little rolls of flour, chicken, and cheese goodness over 12 years ago at my best friends house.  It was late evening and we both had some seriously voracious appetites.  We looked through the cupboards and settled on these cheesy chicken tacos. 

To this day, I still make this delicious meal for my family.  My kids and my husband all love it.  A good friend, April, even said she almost always cooks her diced chicken this way now since it is so scrumptious. 

The first step to preparing the tacos is to dice up some chicken.  I like to use chunks, but if you prefer to julienne your chicken, so be it.

Once this chicken is all sliced and ready to be cooked, toss it into a skillet with a generous squirt of Italian dressing.

Cook the chicken until it is cooked all the way through and the Italian dressing has cooked down.
Meanwhile, while the chicken is cooking, in a small saucepan combine a can of cheddar cheese soup and half a jar of salsa.

Mix until the cheese soup and salsa are combined and then keep on the burner until hot all the way through.

Once the cheesy salsa is hot and the chicken is cooked, serve up the tacos.  I like to put just the chicken, cheese, and cheesy salsa... no veggies on this taco.

The kids on the other hand eat the tacos with just the chicken and cheese... They can't handle the salsa; but they love the chicken and cheese by itself on the tortilla.
However you make your taco, we sure hope your family enjoys these delicious morsels as much as we do!  ☺
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