Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Assessing Sydney

Today Sydney had an assessment to determine whether or not she would be accepted into the preschool class at the local elementary school.

Rewind a minute here, the local school recently received a grant to start a preschool class.  Unfortunately, the class is going to be limited in size.  Due to this, they are planning on taking the children who need the most help, or who would benefit most from being in a preschool class.  To determine which kids will be in the class, they are doing assessments to see where each kid is developmentally.

Sydney arrived today ready for her assessment.

They had three teachers set up with stations to test different skill sets.  One teacher tested speech skills and basic things such as if the child new their name, their alphabet, etc.

There was another teacher who testing for fine motor skills.  She had Sydney stand on one leg, throw a little bean bag at a target, hop on one foot, use scissors, as well as draw different shapes.

The last teacher asked questions regarding shapes, numbers, and different things such as being able to identify emotions in a picture.

When all was said and done, Sydney was not ready to leave.  She enjoyed being in the classroom and looking at all the different things they had there.  One of the teachers even asked her if she was Ashton's sister (She said she looks just like her brother who she sees on recess duty).

One of my biggest worries before going into the assessment was waiting afterwards on if she was going to be one of the lucky few who get to go to preschool this year.  Luckily for me and my little patience, they were pretty immediate with their answer.  Drum roll please.....

**She got in!!!**

While it may seem I'm excited about her being possibly mediocre, that is completely not the case.  Turns out, only 10 students are signed up for preschool, so everyone gets to go to school who signed up this year, regardless of how absolutely brilliant they may be (I'm completely not biased her at all ☺).  Sydney gets to start school next week.  She will be in a class of 10 students (2 boys and 8 girls including herself).  She is so stoked.  I am so happy for her, although it is weird to think that all of my kids are in school (even if it is only 1/2 day for Sydney).

Her only real concern after the assessment was that she didn't have a backpack yet for school and that she didn't get to eat lunch.

At least the girl has her priorities.

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