Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rocking in the Fourth, Jello Style

To say that I am uber excited for this years 4th of July would be a mild understatement.

We aren't really doing anything extravagant or exciting this year that would cause this intense feeling of anticipation, it's just that this year, I actually will get to stay up and watch fireworks and enjoy the time with my family (Last year I was doing a paper route, so staying up late was not really an option).

Since I'm so impatient, I decided to get started with the celebration early with some holiday themed jello jars.

The ingredients used for this little project were Cherry Jello, Berry Blue Jello, White Chocolate pudding, milk, and blue food coloring.

I used the 8 ounce canning jars as the containers to make them in, since then there would be exactly 12 one cup servings (approx) when it was all said and done. 

Following the directions on the Berry Blue Jello Box, I prepared the blue Jello.  I actually added a few drops of blue food coloring to make sure that the blue really popped.  I didn't want any sky blueness going on in the finished product.  After the blue jello was all mixed, I divided the jello evenly between all 12 of the jars.

I immediately stowed these bad boys away in the fridge to let the jello set.  Although I could have done the quick set method and gotten them done quicker, I wanted to be sure that the jello was very firm before moving on.

Once the blue jello has set, I mixed up the White Chocolate Pudding.  I also could have used plain jello I suppose (unflavored), but who doesn't like white chocolate pudding?  I thought that flavor over no flavor wins any day.  Once the white chocolate pudding is all mixed and ready, evenly divide the white chocolate pudding into the 12 jars. 

I smoothed the top of the pudding mixture with a spoon to make sure that it would be a flat top to put the next layer on. Then throw those delectable morsels into the fridge again to let them set firmly.

Once the white chocolate pudding is firmly set, mix up the cherry jello using the box directions.  This layer was the trickiest to get right.  Once the jello is mixed, pour carefully into the 12 jars.  I actually poured the mixture over a spoon into the jar to ensure it didn't stir up the pudding (this was a trial and error learning process.  Notice the jar in the upper right hand corner of the picture).  I didn't want chunky looking red jello (that would be disgusting looking, although still delicious).

Once the red jello has been poured into the jars, put the lids on, and put them into the fridge until the final layer of jello is firmly set.

Then devour.

Patriotic Jello Jars

6 oz. box Berry Blue Jello
6 oz. box Cherry Jello
2 - 3.3 oz. box instant white chocolate pudding
12 (8 oz) canning jars with lids
Blue Food Coloring

In a 2 or 4 cup glass measuring cup, combine one cup boiling water and blue gelatin powder while stirring constantly until dissolved. Add a few drops of blue food coloring until a patriotic blue is reached. Add enough ice to bring the water level up to two cups and stir until ice is completely dissolved. Divide gelatin evenly among the six jars (about 1/3 of a cup in each jar). Can use a canning funnel to make this less messy.

Place jars in original divider box they were purchased in (if you still have it) and put in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes.

Mix up white chocolate pudding according to box. Divide it evenly among jars by spooning it on top of blue layer. Cover jars again and return to the refrigerator for thirty minutes for pudding to set.

Remove gelatin jars from fridge and remove lids. Mix up red gelatin just as you did the blue and carefully spoon on top of white chocolate pudding. All other layers can be poured but this one needs to be spooned on top to avoid disturbing the pudding. Once all red gelatin is used, place lids on jars again and return to the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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