Thursday, June 28, 2012

As Pretty As She Is

Yesterday, my daughter sweetly told my hubby that once her bed and dresser are delievered, her room will be as pretty as she is.  Today is the day that her furniture was delievered.

As admirable as the thought is, and as much as I wish that had been true, I walked into a room that looked like a hurricane had been through it when I got home today. 

While the bed, dresser, and nightstand that had been delievered looked fantastic, all of Sydney's clothes were strewn in the drawers of her dresser, her doll house was tipped sideways, and her barbie dolls were all jumbled in a pile like they had been having a wild party.  (I didn't quite capture the mess with the photos, as it mostly isn't in the shot, but trust me... It was horrific)

It was time to buckle down and get to work on getting her room to look, as Sydney so eloquently put it, as pretty as she is.

After probably three hours of rearranging, sorting, and arguing with a four year old about whether a candy wrapper was garbage or a special treasure, her room is finally finished.

It is finished. 

I'm happy her room is clean.  She is happy she has her room set up like a "big girl" room.  And she went to bed in her own room, and her own bed, without any bribery of any sort.

Boom.  Mission accomplished.

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