Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 06/25 - 07/01

Another week has flown by!  This past week has been full of work (of course), DIY projects, car shows, and various other things.

The first half of the week, I worked on creating a zookeeping cage for my daughter's stuffed animals.

Work has been hectic with trips to the Western side of the state as well as just the general craziness of the normally day to day stuff. 

Friday evening, some friends came over and helped me clean up my garage by putting all of our holiday stuff up in the attic.  (In case y'all are reading:  Thank you so much guys!  You saved me so much time and the husband loved the extra space) 

Saturday my hubby and I took the kids to the Cool Desert Nights Car Show.  They had a blast checking out the different cars and just walking around in the nice weather.  Speaking of weather, it has been so weird here lately.  As soon as we left the car show, thunderstorms and showers hit.  Thankfully we made it back to the car before they started!

After the car show, there was a battle that could be written about in the history books.  The yellow team won, although truthfully, they cheated.  With underhand tactics such as asking "Can't we just be friends and get a cup of tea?", and then brually picking off the ones who actually believed, the green team had little hope of survival.

Here's my families game plan for the week (well at least in regards to what's for dinner)

Macaroni and Ham Casserole

Ham Steaks
Mashed Potatoes

Leftover Night

White Rice

Hamburger Pie

Sausage Gravy

Thai Peanut Stirfry

This week my nephew Tzoch is staying at our house, so it will be interesting cooking for an extra body.  Hopefully while he's here, I'll be able to make some sort of treat to celebrate him spending time with our family.

So what is your family  having this week for dinner?  Need more ideas?  Check out Laura's blog at  Not only does she have some great ideas on her menu plans, but there are numerous links to other great gals and their weekly menu ideas. 

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  1. Your menu looks great, particularly the stirfry. I love sausage gravy! Now I'm craving biscuits and gravy:)