Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preschool Identity Crisis

Monday was the first day of preschool for my four year old daughter Sydney.  While I never truly doubted that there would be a lack of excitement stemming from this very event, it still never ceases to entertain me when I later hear about her schenanigans. 

Dropping Sydney off at school felt so different from dropping Ashton off.  Ashton is my quiet reserved child while Sydney has always been so independent and outgoing.  While she didn't want me to leave at first, she was ready to be there and explore the new surroundings and meet all the new people. 

As soon as Sydney got home from school (her dad picked her up), she called me at work.  She was so excited!  She said that her first day was awesome and that a boy hit her.  She asked her dad to beat him up, but of course my husband said that wouldn't be very nice.  She also said that there was another girl who wouldn't share her crayons.  After that, Sydney started speaking so quickly that it pretty much became unintelligible wookie talk.

My husband then got on the phone and said that Sydney told him that she was disappointed because while they were working on learning everyones names, they refused to call her Princess Ladybug, they insisted on calling her Sydney.

After coming home from work, Sydney told me that her name wasn't Sydney, that her name was Isabella and that she wanted to be like the girl Isabella in her class.  All night, and I mean ALL night, she kept insisting she was Isabella and not Sydney. 

Apparently, I don't even know who my own daughter.  And I thought I'd have to wait until the teenage years for that to happen.

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  1. Princess Lady Bug sounds good to me, but all my granddaughters are Princess something or other and I love them more than you know You too baby girl