Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Emotionally Involved: Venting about Glee

Tuesdays are my normal movie night with my dear friend April.  Every Tuesday, she comes over, we have dinner with my family, and then we watch either a movie, or various television shows that we both have to catch up on.

Tonight we watched the latest episode of Glee on Hulu. 

While some of you may be scoffing that I even watch Glee, phhff. I love that show.  It has been one that I have watched since the beginning, and will probably watch till they take if off the air.  I completely am into that show.

If you haven't watched this latest episode... read no further... this will ruin it for you.

Seriously, shut the front door.  What is up with Rachel and Finn?  Am I the only one who is not okay with their whole situation?  First off, who the hell does Finn think he is to just go off the grid for 4 months without any communication at all with his fiance.  And Rachel?  Seriously, if you are so in love with Finn, why would you kiss Broady? 

And then Blaine and Kurt? And Santana and Brittney?  And Emma and Mr. Schuester?

This episode was filled with emotionally painfully songs, all of which are great songs, but are kind of downers.  This episode makes me want to go get a pint of Ben and Jerry's and cry like I just got dumped.

Ugh.  Sorry about the vent, but I always get so emotionally involved in my tv shows.

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