Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NaBloPoMo 2016

For all of you who weren't sure what day it is today... It is November 1st.  For many, this means that they are recovering from a sugar hangover from a night of overindulgence of Halloween spoils, for some it means it's the Day of the Dead.  For me personally, (as my friend Steve so kindly reminded me today) it is the first day of a month long writing bonanza known as NaBloPoMo.


What exactly is NaBloPoMo you ask?  NaBloPoMo stands for National Blogger Posting Month... or something along those lines.  It is basically when a bunch of Bloggers pledge to attempt to post a blog posting every single day of the month.  This process hopefully will help the creative ideas flowing in regards to writing as well as is a good test of determination.

We all know I have really sucked at writing blog posts lately.  The last time I posted was when I was starting my new job - about 4 months ago.  So why would I attempt to write everyday for a month when in reality I can barely even post quarterly?  Well... Steve made me do it.  Just kidding.  I figure it is something different and fun for to do, and if I miss a day, while attempting not to, it hopefully will give me the motivation to post slightly more frequently than once every 4 months.

So you have the what and the why.  And the where is right here... on this blog.... daily....

That's all I've got today... but stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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